Yoga Isn't About Advanced Poses

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Sharing from Hà Trịnh, trainee from YTTC in June, 2020 at Zenith

Yoga isn't about advanced poses

🌿To be completely honest, I've have injured myself countless times due to practicing advanced yoga poses with a big ego. There I found out the YTTC at Zenith as I've been aiming for practicing asanas in the right and safe way possibly for myself. After the very 1st week of this training journey, I realized yoga wasn't about advanced poses that I tried to conquer before. Yoga has dawned a new definition of itself inside of me as it's an inner adventure of spiritual and physical practice for oneself to understand the natural cycle and alignment of our body, especially and simply listen to it. I'm beyond happy for what I've received from my YTTC.

Happiness in sharing

🌿 As the journey came toward the end, I knew that I shouldn't have kept this happiness solely for myself. I need to spread out and share my humble knowledge to other people and hopefully help them avoid following my past footsteps.

🌿 I can't wait to become an instructor guiding you to a safe and effective Yoga practice and see you on the mat.

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