Yoga Community Class: A Great Foundation for Future Yoga Career & Success

Yoga has played an important part for my personal growth since being its practitioner. After graduation from Zenith's Yoga Teacher Training Course in July, me and my classmates was super grateful to take off a new journey as junior yoga teachers at the Yoga community class at Zenith. Needless to say how excited we were to enhance our humble knowledge and teaching skills into practice with Zenith community and friends.

A few weeks in and the reality was that some of us taught well while some others wasn't that good, to be completely honest. But we all understand that we're so far from being perfect. I personally used to be so stressed out as putting high expectation on my very first performance and also on my team but as things went by, I realized it might took people 1 - 2 years of teaching experience to see their improvement, let alone 1-2 months of experience like most of us. Also, our teaching schedule wasn't frequent enough for the whole group of junior teachers to practice teaching, to fail, to practice again and to improve, let say, significantly...

Please be gentle to yourself...

"Please be gentle to yourself...", that's how we encouraged each other during our feedback sessions. We've been new to this field. We'll allow ourselves to be clumsy and be humble to keep learning. We've had solid foundation and support to thrive on thanks to our great sisterhood from the TTC class and Zenith for their venue and marketing effort. What can we ask for more but take advantage of all that to its fullest and try our best?

Confident to deliver right, profound and easy-to-digest yoga knowledge.

Thanks to the right Yoga education at Zenith School, no matter how inexperienced we are at teaching, we are confident to deliver right, profound and easy-to-digest yoga knowledge based on correct alignment, functional anatomy and safety. We might be unable to promise our future fellow practitioners bendy poses right away, but those basic lessons that we learnt to teach for beginners will prepare for their future intermediate/advanced practice in the safest and the most practical way. We believe this truth so much as experiencing how it's applied and helped our own practice progressing.

3 months for the Yoga Community class after each TTC isn't long enough for a junior teacher mastering their skills right away but surely it sets the great foundation for their future career and success.

- Sharing from Diep Nguyen, a trainee from YTTC 06/2020 at Zenith Hanoi.

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