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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

50-Hour Yoga Foundation for Yogic Community in Danang, Vietnam.

2019 marked the first cooperation between Zenith Hanoi and Yoga Thai Tam Giang, one of the most well-known Yoga studios in Danang. Thanks to this partnership, Zenith was able to bring "50 Hours of Applying Iyengar Yoga for Correct Alignment" course to the yogic community here. This course, instructed by Marzena Kierepka, owner and founder of Zenith Hanoi, who has more than 15 years of teaching advanced Yoga workshops and international Yoga teacher training courses, brought to teachers and practitioners in Danang a brand new experience in applying anatomy and alignment while practicing Yoga. With the help of props, they were able to get deeper into certain poses while doing it safely, which then brought greater enlightenment and connection to their bodies.

Ms Giang - Director of Thai Tam Giang Yoga center, shared her feelings after the course: 

"I love Zenith and I see that we share the same vision in bringing safe Yoga to the community, that's why Marzena and I wanted to organize this amazing course together for those who love to practice in Danang. This course is necessary for all Yoga lovers, especially teachers who have just graduated from any YTTC, haven't had much experience and yet to master the basic rules and skills." 

Here are some other feedback from one of the teachers who participated:

Ms Nhung Truong: “Practicing yoga is not just for today or tomorrow, but for the whole life. Therefore, practicing in the right and safe way should always be the first choice. Even though how much you have already learned, you will never feel satisfied as there is always more to learn.

The course was really useful and effective for me, thanks to Thai Tam Tam Yoga for connecting with Zenith Hanoi and giving everyone the opportunity to learn and practice. And many thanks to Ms Marzena, she's a super cute and enthusiastic teacher who taught things that seemed simple but in a completely new and helpful way.

See you all in next sessions together.”

Ms Dinh Thuy: “The course helped me feel my body better. The alignment rules make Yoga safer and easier to understand and I can gain more benefits from doing certain asanas. Building a solid foundation is the most basic and necessary rule for a Yogi, that's why I enjoyed this course so much. The teacher was also very nice and enthusiastic. The way she taught was easy to understand and follow. Thanks a lot Ms Marzena and Ms Giang for organizing this amazing course!" 

The "50 Hours of Applying Iyengar Yoga for Correct Alignment" course was the first of many upcoming annual workshops and courses between Zenith Hanoi and Thai Tam Giang Yoga Center. We share the same visions of spreading safe Yoga practices, saying "No" for injuries and creating a strong, knowledgeable and safe Yoga community. Zenith always welcomes for cooperation with other Yoga studios from all over Vietnam sharing the same mission & vision. Kindly contact us via (Ms Vân) for our future collaborations!

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