Improving Yoga Teaching Skills - Bringing Real Value To The Community

Zenith Yoga Centre opened the first ever 20-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at Hanoi AD Centre on 8 April 2017. The course was designed following a request from the AD centre to further develop their teachers and introduce knowledge regarding alignment and anatomy in traditional yoga postures (Ananda Marga), in order to ensure a safe and effective Yoga practice for everyone. The lead teacher of this course was Marzena Kierepka, Director of Zenith Hanoi with over 15 years of experience teaching Yoga workshops and courses.

Ms Doan My, director of AD Yoga, shared with us why she chose to partner with Zenith Hanoi for this Teacher Training:

“For this recent 3-4 years, Yoga in Hanoi in particular and over the country in general, has exploded. There are many schools of Yoga that have been introduced to Vietnam. Some schools focus on developing the body while other schools are inclined toward therapy and meditation. More and more people of all ages join Yoga classes. To respond to the increased demand, many Yoga centres have opened, which has led to the fact that the quality of schools is difficult to control. Recently, there have been some students who have been injured. In addition, some teachers are not trained professionally. Even some of them have been injured and then they bring about injuries to their students, which is a pity.

Understanding the value of practicing Yoga, AD Yoga Centre for 10 years has invited a variety of well-qualified teachers to train and improve skills for our teachers. This time, we invited Ms Marzena, director of Zenith Hanoi, in order to cooperate and train teachers at the AD Yoga Centre. Marzena is an experienced teacher and she has learned a lot from famous teachers all over the world. We hope there will be further cooperation between AD and Zenith in the future so that we can bring about true value for the community.”

These are some of the remarks from various students who took this particular course:

Ms Luu Thanh Ha: “Thanks to the director of AD centre, the director of Zenith Hanoi, and the cooperation between the two centres, we gained so much from this course. It helped teachers to understand more about their body, to be able to connect three parts of the body together and to show teachers how to practice in the safest way, so they can help their students a lot.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Lan: “Thanks to the cooperation between Zenith Hanoi and AD Yoga Centre for creating this course. As young teachers, we have the opportunity to improve our knowledge of Yoga. Through this course, I gained a deep understanding of anatomy as well as a methodology for designing better lessons to avoid injuring myself, firstly, and our students, secondly.”

Here's our introduction video for the course:

Pictures from our partnership with AD Yoga:

Would you like to design a similar course for teachers at your center? Please contact us via (Ms. Vân)

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