How Long Should A 200-hour YTTC Last?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

- By Thủy Nguyễn, Teaching Assistant for Zenith's YTTC

Enrolling in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) is a big decision and requires much effort from a learner. According to Zenith’s teaching experience for years, we have found that a suitable schedule for a 200-hour YTTC is an important factor that a learner should consider at the first place before choosing any teacher training program.

One of the most inevitable difficulties for an adult when participating in a course is their reluctance to acquire new knowledge as the habit of learning something new has been lessened over time. Years of teaching and training experience has enabled Zenith to understand that mentioned issue and designed a curriculum appropriate for the majority of students.

The upcoming 200-hour TTC is such a course. Designed based on special requirements and researches from Zenith’s teacher team, there is some difference in this course, compared with the traditional 6-month long one, which is the course will last for 6 weeks on weekdays basis. Studying time per day is 6.5 hours, which is reasonable because the practice along with the theoretical study needs enough time for learners to stay focused but not too stressed that may reduce their learning ability.

In addition, learning continuously in 6 weeks is actually an advantage for students to get accustomed to learning, remembering and structuring lessons better. However, in order to achieve best results in study for the 200-hour TTC this November, it is required for students to have a solid yoga background of practicing 2 years consecutively. Thus, the concentration and continuous learning will bring into play a great advantage.

Another difference of the 200-hour TTC provided by Zenith is that you will only learn 40 basic alignment postures, neither 84 nor 100. It’s important to understand that the 200-hour course for a yoga teacher is just the foundation, which means that the purpose of the course is to help you build the most solid foundation for your future teaching. Once your foundation is concrete, you are then able to build your house higher up. As such, Zenith understands that within 200 hours, you have enough time to thoroughly study 40 fundamental poses as your foundational knowledge. If you do not master all aspects of those basic ones, then it makes no sense for you to know hundreds of others.

Every month, Zenith hosts a 5-hour mini TTC of a 200-hour course to introduce future students the essence to build up their foundational teaching based on knowledge of practice safely and effectively. Kindly register for the mini course via this link or call us at 090 346 8088.

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