An Inspiring Yoga Teacher

Sharing from Diệp Nguyễn, trainee from YTTC in June, 2020


🌿 I'm grateful to take part in Zenith's Yoga Teacher Training Course led by Marzena as our teacher. Being a young woman, I feel like she's my role model of a hardworking & determined woman. As a teacher herself, she's so inspiring to other fellow yoga teachers, including me and my peers.

Inspiring teacher

🌿 She's very knowledgeable but decent and humble at the same time. Her teaching is focused on foundation and details that make it up, which is straight-to-the-point, logical and sharp. She teaches poses in Sanskrit to contribute to the root of Yoga, which I find very important when it comes to cultural appreciation. She often tells us interesting jokes and stories related to our Yoga lessons as well. She's so supportive at class but challenging and strict at the same time, especially when we accidentally fell asleep during meditation. I guess sometimes she changed meditation styles not only to introduce different variations of them but also to help us avoid sleeping in merely sitting meditation. One more thing in her class that I've talked about so many times in appreciation, which is not only teaching us asanas, she and her assistant, Thủy, they together always held space for us to share our feelings, our dreams and our passions to connect, to bond and to sympathize for each other and also for ourselves.

Inspired to start a new journey

🌿 Marzena makes me feel heard, understood, courageous and believed in myself, especially when I'm about to start this yoga teaching journey and for that I am very much appreciated.

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