A Courageous Choice

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

- By Thủy Nguyễn, Teaching Assistant for Zenith's YTTC

Becoming A Yoga Teacher Is A Courageous Choice!

Becoming a Yoga teacher, you have to bravely face prejudices from your family and the society. A stable job is a dream of many young people, but still you leave everything behind to study some “physical exercises” according to what many people think.

Becoming a Yoga teacher, you have to courageously take responsibility for ensuring the safety of dozens of people who follow you, not only physically but also mentally.

Becoming a Yoga teacher, you have to constantly improve your knowledge because learning about the body is unlimited, let alone learning about human mental and behavioral psychology.

Becoming a Yoga teacher, you have to bravely find out your true nature and live true to yourself, as much true as you can, so true from the inside out, and to practice peeling off each covering layer outside of you.

Becoming a true Yoga teacher doesn’t make you rich or have a luxurious life, because if you’re only able to teach one or two classes a day, you need to bravely refuse the temptation of getting rich and spend time on improving yourself, on your family and friends, on contributing to meaningful social activities and on taking care of yourself.

Be brave to pursue it!

If becoming a Yoga teacher is what you really want from your heart, your liver, your intestines… then be brave to pursue it.

The first step is to figure out what your true motivation and incentive is.

Then the second step is to find a teacher whom you feel in harmony with, who has positive energy that you trust and respect, who has extensive experience and knowledge of Yoga. Also, find a place to practice that suits you and makes you feel completely secure and trusting, where you can be yourself without any glossy form, any competition or any cliché. Find a place where you feel like coming home.

The third step is the one that requires the most courageous. Once you’ve become an experienced teacher, be courageous and humble to everything, be grateful for people, places and opportunities that have helped you on the way. Also courageously confess that you do not know everything, and there are always people who understand everything and who are better than you in many different aspects of life...

"Yoga is a work in, not a work out".

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