20 Hours Yoga With Wall Rope

My name is Diep, I graduated from 200h YTTC at Zenith Hanoi in 07/2020. "20 Hours Yoga with Wall Ropes" is the 1st course I have ever interpreted for Marzena & Zenith. As such, this course gave me great impressions and unforgettable memories.

An opportunity to learn more deeply

There were only five people joining in that course but they are experienced Yoga teachers succeeding in their own Yoga career paths. They also come from different parts of the country and studied a few workshops from Zenith Hanoi previously. That was the reason why they understood very well the quality of Zenith school/training and put high trust in Zenith to register for this 1st time organized "20 Hours Yoga with Wall Rope". Besides, those five students possessed a variety of body conditions (based on age, personal injuries & body limitation), which was an opportunity for all to learn more deeply from each other as Marzena, the lead teacher of the course, taught and tailored her curriculum for the course in accordance to students' needs.

Safety is the foremost priority

Since Yoga with Wall Ropes is an advanced practice, a teacher should learn and experience it well enough to teach their fellow practitioners. Through out the course, Marzena not only taught students asanas with ropes but also step by step to get in and out of each pose with caution, because safety is the foremost priority. Practiced poses were designed progressively to help students' bodies prepare well for advanced ones near the end of each class. From there, I believe all of participants were happy, content and amazed by how their own bodies were opening up in the safest way, in order to achieve difficult poses that might seem impossible for them at the beginning.

The world of Yoga props

During the course, apart from wall ropes, students were exposed to the world of Yoga props. Their knowledge enhanced so much more by learning to practice with and without them, in order to understand how each prop gives different benefits to practitioners, in order to serve them the best. As one who used to study a separated course called "20 Hours Yoga With Props" (not including Wall Ropes), I could see how much more beneficial for people enrolling in this one as they had the chance to learn beyond Wall Ropes, as the name of the course indicated.

For their future teaching and self-practice

Learning and practicing with different props and understanding fundamentals how to use them, participants can combine and set up props creatively. As a translator and an observer of "20 Hours Yoga With Wall Ropes", I believe it was significantly helpful to serve various purposes for their future teaching and self-practice.

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