"20 Hours Yoga With Props" After "200 Hours YTTC" at Zenith Hanoi: Yay or Nay?

- Sharing from Diep Nguyen, 200h YTTC graduates from Zenith Hanoi -

I still registered for it anyway...

After finishing the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Zenith Hanoi, I wasn't sure if I should register for another short course there , which was called "20h with Yoga props". There were two reasons for my consideration. Firstly, I needed some time to process my recent education before absorbing something else. Secondly, as learning a great amount of knowledge from my 200h course, I was afraid this short one could be a recap of what I had already learnt, meaning there might not be anything new. Luckily enough, I still registered for it anyway after reading great feedbacks from previous students.

It wasn't merely an introductory course...

I was wrong at the beginning as it wasn't merely an introductory course about Yoga props but an advanced one. From basic, intermediate & advanced Yoga poses, we learnt to go into poses with the help of props. We learnt how to set up props. We learnt different props used for different purposes in each asana. We also learnt the way of thinking, in order to build up skills to create our own way of setting them up that will benefit for our fellow practitioners. I actually felt like we learnt so much more than our initial expectation.

Eager to learn more

My classmates were experienced Yoga teachers from different parts of the country. I remember they were very advanced as achieving difficult poses easily, those that I have been working on for quite long. However, during the course they shared they could go even deeper into advanced poses comfortably, unlike without props. Some said thanks to props, they understood better about alignment in Yoga, in order to teach their fellows more correctly and protect them from any future injuries. To me, I was grateful as taking 200h course right before this, since it saved me time to learn the basics and understand this course so much better, which I believe some of my classmates were eager to learn more.

Amazing teachers

Our teachers, Marzena and Thu were amazing as always. They taught everything in details and answered our questions promptly. As not many people in our class understood English, Thu - the Vietnamese Yoga teacher - did a great job to deliver translated version of Marzena's lectures successfully. I really felt like I was one of the luckiest as understanding both languages, which seemed like I was learning double than others.

Benefits for my future classes and my fellow practitioners

After completing 4-day of study, I've been more confident creating new ways to combine Yoga props together that will benefit my future classes and my fellow practitioners the most. For that I honestly appreciate!

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