Chair Yoga Workshop for UN staff

On November 22 2017, Zenith had the honor of organizing a Chair Yoga Workshop exclusively for UN staff who have to spend hours using computers and don’t have much time for yoga at studios. The workshop attracted members from
many different UN organizations including WHO, FAO, UNFA, UNICEF, and others.

Willie Cohen Vroege, one of our experienced yoga teachers, led this workshop. She provided workshop participants with the fundamental knowledge regarding health issues related to the neck, shoulder and spine. At the same time, she taught
yoga poses that can be done immediately when a person feels tired or needs to alleviate pain that can be caused by the above health issues related to sitting at a desk for extended periods of time. This was a special gift from Zenith for those
who are up to their ears in work and deadlines but have virtually no time for yoga classes.

In addition to Chair Yoga Workshops, Zenith also conducts workshops on many other topics exclusively for office workers such as improving concentration or how to avoid insomnia.
Zenith Yoga has long been known as one of the leading yoga studios in Vietnam that offers workshops for special groups of customers including professional athletes, people with spinal issues or office workers.


If you’re interested in our Yoga Workshops, please contact us via (Ms. Vân)