Weekday 200 hr Yoga teacher training YTTC

The 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training  Foundation Certification Program for aspiring teachers as well as those who wish to deepen their practice. The program presents a foundation in the principles of asanas, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, basic anatomy, and teaching methodology.


1 Jun - 10 Jul 2020 from 8.30 am - 4.00 pm, 1-hour lunch break, from Mon - Fri. (6 weeks)


1. Zenith Yoga is the leading yoga studio in Vietnam in terms of Yoga Teacher Training courses and workshops, from fundamental to advanced courses. We are the ONE & ONLY studio in Hanoi that is able to offer workshops and courses to yoga Teachers from other studios. We have been providing the course for the last 8 years and have trained many teachers over the years, who have gone on to use their training all over the world and teach in countries like Germany, France, Canada, Qatar, Belgium, Japan, USA....
2. The Zenith teaching method is based on correct alignment, functional anatomy and safety, with emphasis on using props to support and develop students during their practice. The depth of the teaching comes from Iyengar method.

3. The Teacher Training certificate is issued on behalf of Yoga Alliance, the worlds' largest yoga association headquartered in the USA. The certificates are accepted worldwide as well as in Vietnam (We are the part of Vietnamese Yoga Federation).

4. This 200hrs Essential Training lays a solid foundation for your future yoga career with a repository of Yoga knowledge beginning with anatomy, body alignment, and more, to why and how to work in the poses.
5. The training is instructed by three leading professionals in their own fields: Yoga Asanas with Marzena Lucyna Kierepka as the main Teacher of the training, Yoga Philosophy with Jon Dallas & Yoga Anatomy & Physiology with Jacqui Rowe.
6. There are 3 manuals of the training provided in English in its original version: Yoga Asanas, Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Anatomy.

1. You want to become a teacher
2. You want to deepen your knowledge and understanding 
3. You want to discover  your own personal limits and are interested in personal growth 
4. You  want to learn safe ways of practice with your  injury or health issues
5. You want to be a part of the community  of like-minded people

Upcoming course

200 hr Yoga Teacher training 

May 2020

Weekend teacher training


Weeday teacher traing


Previous courses

200 hr Yoga Teacher training 

May 2020

Weekend teacher training


Weeday teacher traing


1. 5 major groups of asanas (postures) with focus on proper alignment and how to eliminate potential risks: Standing, Forward bends, Backbends, Twists, Inversions.
2. Restorative poses
3. Precautions for prenatals & menstruation
4. Teaching methodology; Sequencing and Adjustment
5. 100 hours of practice teaching
6. Introduction to Pranayama
7. Meditation 
8. Basis of Human Anatomy & Physiology
9. Yoga Philosophy based on the Yoga Sutras; Mantra and Sanskrit language
10. Ethics for Yoga Teacher
11. Opportunity to become Zenith Teacher after the course.

1 Jun - 10 Jul 2020 from 8.30 am - 4.00 pm, 1-hour lunch break, from Mon - Fri. (6 weeks)
- 15 hours of Philosophy
- 18 hours of Anatomy & Physiology
- 162 hours of Asana & Teaching Methodology
- 5 hours of written exam and practical exam
Included 10-class pass to attend Marzena/ Willie/ Thuy classes during TTC

Zenith Yoga Au Co & Cafe, 1&2nd Flr.; Westlakes Suites Building, No.99B, 275 Au Co, Tay Ho.

Marzena Lucyna Kierepka is the owner and founder of Zenith Yoga Vietnam, the first and most professional Yoga Studio in Hanoi. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching yoga with foundation in Iyengar Yoga. Currently she leads various workshops,courses and teacher training (TTC) in Vietnam. After multiple visits to the to Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, practicing with many senior Iyengar teachers and achieving the 300-hour advanced TTC and therapeutic TTC certificate with Hart Lazer, her teacher and mentor, she has been conducting different therapeutic classes, workshops and courses, helping people to overcome their difficulties and find balance in the body and mind. Her teaching follows the principles of correct alignment, safety and precision of movement with logicall & progressive sequencing. "Yoga is the work-in, not the work-out" is the motto for her teaching.

Other teachers
Main Asanas teacher                    Marzena Kierepka
Yoga Philosophy & Meditation    Jon Dallas
Anatomy & Physiology                 Jacqui Rowe
Assistant teacher & Translator    Thuy Nguyen

Upon successfully passing this course, you will become Certified with an international degree approved by the Yoga Alliance and Vietnam Yoga Federation.  Your degree is valid worldwide and indefinitely.

bảng giá tháng 9 2020 eng.png

- The manuals are completely in English in order to stay accurate to original meaning and instruction, to help students learn the international yoga vocabulary and improve their English at the same time, and help you develop your knowledge even after the course by being able to search online for materials with that same vocabulary.
- The 3 manuals of Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Asana Manual will be given to you in 1-2 months before the start of the course.


If you are still wondering which course is better, don't worry. It's flexible that you can switch between Sept Course and May Course after payment. Let us help you to fit the course into your schedule!

If you find yourself unable to attend the course, please inform us as soon as possible.

- If Zenith can not organize the course, you will receive a full refund

- Cancellation 3 months before the starting date will receive a full refund

- Cancellation 45 days before the starting date will receive a 50% refund ( only for those who paid full tuition fee, not for deposit )

- No refund if canceled 15 days before the course start date. The payment can be used for another course or transferred to another person within 5 years.

1. What if I miss any sessions or learning hours, or I do not pass the exam?
- If students miss more than 20 hours, they will not be able to finish the course and receive certification. If students want to compensate for missing hours, they can switch to the Nov course or wait for the next course at Zenith (it's free of charge)
- If students do not pass the exam, they may retake the exam for free.

2. Does the course assign homework?
- Yes, there will be homework according to our learning progress. 
The homework could be reading a piece of information, practice specific asanas, or meditation.

3. Can I practice for free at Zenith while attending the course?
- Students of the course will be awarded a 10-class training pass at Zenith and are required to finish it on time. 

4. How many students does each course usually have? 
- The average number of students is about 13-15 students per course. It's a cozy class and you will be closer to your teacher.

5. What is your support for improve our teaching skill after graduated? 
- We provide community classes for fresh yoga teachers to teach here at both Zenith Au Co & Kim Ma Studio.