Training at TNN Hai Phong

July 16 2017 marked the first cooperation between Zenith Yoga Hanoi and TNN Yoga, a well-known yoga community in Hai Phong. Thanks to the partnership, Zenith was able to bring a workshop called “Body Alignment - For a Healthy Spine” to more than 40 participants in Hai Phong, an immaculate coastal city in Vietnam.


The workshop, instructed by Piseth & Thuy, two of the most experienced and talented teachers at Zenith, provided participants with fundamental knowledge regarding spinal structure so that they could avoid injuries during their practice. On top of that, participants were also taught several yoga poses based on body alignment and anatomy which will strengthen their back muscles.


Zenith was pleased to receive positive feedback from Mr. Nghĩa, leader of TNN Yoga Hai Phong,  following the workshop: “It was a scientific workshop focusing on posture which allows people to deepen their knowledge and avoid injuries when practicing asanas. More importantly, the workshop also enables people with health problems to practice yoga safely.”


This successful workshop has laid a sound foundation for the development of safe yoga practice in Vietnam. We aspire to cooperate with more Yoga studios all over the country to provide nation-wide yoga practitioners with methods of safe yoga practice as well as specific anatomy and alignment instructions for each yoga  pose.


Should you want to cooperate with Zenith Yoga in order to offer your staff as well as students specialized yoga workshops, please contact us via (Ms. Vân)


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